32GFC SFP28 for Single-Mode Optical Fiber Digital Diagnostic SFP, 1310nm, 32G/16G/8G Low Voltage (3.3 V) Fibre Channel Optical Transceiver


Avago Technologies' AFCT-57G5MZ optical transceiver supports high speed serial links over multi-mode optical fiber at signalling rates up to 28.05 Gb/s (the serial line rate of 32GFC). The product is compliant with Small Form Pluggable industry agreements SFP and SFP+ for mechanical and low speed electrical specifications. High speed electrical and optical specifications are compliant with ANSI Fibre Channel FC-PI-6.

The AFBR-57G5MZ is a multi-rate 850nm transceiver which ensures compliance with FC-PI-6 32GFC, 16GFC and 8GFC specifications. Per the requirements of 32GFC, internal clock and data recovery circuits (CDRs) are present on both electrical input and electrical output of this transceiver. These CDRs will lock at 28.05 Gb/s and 14.025Gb/s (32GFC and 16GFC) but must be bypassed for operation at 8.5 Gb/s (8GFC), accomplished by using two Rate Select inputs to configure transmit and receive sides. Transmitter and receiver can operate at different data rates, as is often seen during Fibre Channel speed negotiation.

Digital diagnostic monitoring information (DMI) is present in the AFBR-57G5MZ per the requirements of SFF-8472, providing real time monitoring information of transceiver laser, receiver and environment conditions over a SFF-8431 2-wire serial interface.

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  • Compliant to RoHS directives
  • 1310nm Distributed Feedback Laser (DFB)
  • Class 1 eye safe per IEC60825-1 and CDRH
  • Wide temperature range (0°C to 70°C)
  • LC duplex connector optical interface conforming to


  • Diagnostic features per SFF-8472 “Diagnostic Monitoring Interface for Optical Transceivers”
  • Real time monitoring of:
    • Transmitter average optical power
    • Received average optical power
    • Laser bias current
    • Temperature
    • Supply Voltage
  • SFP+ mechanical specifications per SFF-8432
  • Pull Tab delatch mechanism
  • SFP+ compliant low speed interface
  • Fibre Channel FC-PI-6 compliant high speed interface
    • 3200-M5-SN-S, 1600-M5-SN-S, 800-M5-SN-S
    • 3200-M5E-SN-I, 1600-M5E-SN-I, 800-M5E-SN-I
    • 3200-M5F-SN-I, 1600-M5F-SN-I, 800-M5F-SN-I
  • Fibre Channel FC-PI-6 compliant optical link distances
Form Factor SFP28
Data Rate (Gbps) 28.05
Maximum Distance (m) 10000
Connector Type LC
Fiber Type Singlemode
Nominal Optical Wavelength (nm) 1310
Lifecycle Active