1G/2G 850nm SFF Optical Tranceiver Module


The Avago AFBR-5922ALZ is a high performance, cost-effective SFF optical transceiver for serial optical data communication applications supporting 2.125 and 1.0625 Gb/s data rates. This module is designed for multimode fiber and operates at a nominal wavelength of 850 nm. The transceiver incorporates 3.3VDC compatible technology including an 850nm VCSEL transmitter. The AFBR-5922ALZ offers maximum design flexibilty enabling Fibre Channel designers and system integrators to implement a wide range of solutions for multimode Fibre Channel applications. This product is fully compliant with all equipments meeting the Fibre Channel FC-PI 200-M5-SN-I and 200-M6-SN-I 2.125 GBd specifications, and is compliant with the Fibre Channel FC-PI 100-M5-SN-I, FC-PI 100-M6-SN-I, FC-PH2 100-M5-SN and FC-PH2 100-M6-SN-I 1.0625 GBd specifications. The AFBR-5922ALZ is also compliant with the SFF Multi Source Agreement (MSA).

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  • Fully RoHS Compliant
  • Data Rate Specifications: 2.125 GBd Operation for FC-PI 200-M5-SN-I and FC-PI 200-M6-SN-I; 1.0625 GBd Operation for FC-PI 100-M5-SN-I and FC-PI 100-M6-SN-I.
  • Link Lengths at 2.125 GBd:
    • 0.5 to 300 m – 50/125 μm MMF
    • 0.5 to 150 m – 62.5/125 μm MMF
  • Link Lengths at 1.0625 GBd:
    • 0.5 to 500 m – 50/125 μm MMF
    • 0.5 to 300 m – 62.5/125 μm MMF
  • 850 nm Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL)
  • Laser AEL Class I (Eye Safe) per:
    • US 21 CFR (J)
    • EN 60825-1 ( All)
  • Industral Temperature and Supply Voltage Operation (-40°C to +85°C, 3.3V ± 1%)
  • Industry Standard 2x5 SFF Package
  • Wave Solder and Aqueous Wash Process Compatible
Form Factor SFF
Data Rate (Gbps) 2.125
Maximum Distance (m) 500
Connector Type LC
Fiber Type Multimode
Nominal Optical Wavelength (nm) 850
Lifecycle Active