Embedded Optical Modules

FIT’s Embedded Optical Modules are transceiver products that are intended to be mounted away from the edge of a host application (i.e. “embedded” or “mid-board mounted” inside a host system) for applications requiring custom electrical, thermal or mechanical considerations. Examples are high density optical interconnect clusters for Super Computing and High Speed Interconnects, proprietary Cabled Backplanes for routing and servers and applications with challenging host PCB signal integrity considerations. Embedded Optical Modules have also been successfully deployed in Ethernet Networking applications, as well.

Embedded Optical Modules support insertion and removal of fiber optic connectors - for applications requiring flexibility in user handling, cable types and link distances. Available with LGA or MEG-Array electrical connectors, these electrical-to-optical converters (transceivers) provide generations of optical connectivity at data rates up to 16Gb/s per channel and link distances up to 100 meters.

Our Embedded Optical Transceivers have been workhorses of the High Speed Interconnect and routing/server interconnect markets since 2000, when our first 2.5Gb/s products were commercialized to enable proprietary, high density fabrics.