SFP+ AOC (Active Optical Cables) are conceptually two SFP+ optical transceivers with a fiber optic cable permanently embedded into each end (the fiber cable cannot be removed). This results in a “ready to use” cable assembly, similar to passive Direct Attach Copper (DAC) cables, but with the benefit of internal active electronics to manage the host electrical interface and a longer reach, lighter weight cable.

 “SFP Plus”, or SFP+, are speed enhanced variations of the predecessor SFP form factor. SFP+ electrical and mechanical specifications were developed in 2006 under SFF Committee documents SFF-8431 and SFF-8432, which also defined the 10Gb/s Ethernet non-retimed high speed electrical interface. SFP+ is targeted at enabling 8Gb/s to 16Gb/s applications, such as 10Gb/s Ethernet as well as 8GFC and 16GFC Fibre Channel.

For the later developed 25Gb/s to 28Gb/s generation of SFPs, newer transceiver, connector and cage specifications were established under a new name, called “SFP28”. These transceivers are listed under the SFP28 designation.


Part Number Data Sheet Form Factor Max Data Rate (Gbps) Maximum Distance (m) Connector Type Fiber Type Nominal Optical Wavelength (nm) Lifecycle
AFBR-2CARxxZ PDF SFP+ AOC 10.3125 20 N/A Multimode 850 Not Recommended For New Designs
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