QSFP+ Breakout AOC

QSFP+ Breakout AOC (Active Optical Cables) are a hybrid construction made with a single QSFP+ optical transceiver on one end and four independent SFP+ optical transceivers on the other end, with a fiber optic cable permanently embedded into each end (the fiber cable cannot be removed). This results in a “ready to use” QSFP+ to four SFP+ “Breakout” cable assembly, similar to passive Direct Attach Copper (DAC) cables, but with the benefit of internal active electronics to manage the host electrical interface and a longer reach, lighter weight cable. The target application is QSFP+ based Top Of Rack (TOR) switches which need to communicate to independent SFP+ server Network Interface (NIC) cards or other legacy SFP+ based targets.


Part Number Data Sheet Form Factor Max Data Rate (Gbps) Maximum Distance (m) Connector Type Fiber Type Nominal Optical Wavelength (nm) Lifecycle
AFBR-7IERxxZ PDF QSFP+ Breakout AOC 10.3125 20 N/A Multimode 850 Not Recommended For New Designs
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