CXP AOC (Active Optical Cables) are conceptually two CXP optical transceivers with a fiber optic cable permanently embedded into each end (the fiber cable cannot be removed). This results in a “ready to use” cable assembly, similar to passive Direct Attach Copper (DAC) cables, but with the benefit of internal active electronics to manage the host electrical interface and a longer reach, lighter weight cable.

The twelve channel CXP transceiver footprint was established circa 2009 as part of InfinBand Volume 2 in support of 12X SDR to 12X QDR multi-channel parallel links. While InfiniBand generally did not commercially adopt CXP 12X links, the form factor has seen significant deployment in custom “fat pipe” interconnect links associated with server, chassis and backplane extensions at data rates up to 12Gb/s per lane. Optical variants are available in MPO connectored (12+12) and AOC (active optical cable) configurations.

For higher speed variants from 16Gb/s to 28Gb/s per lane, newer versions are available known as CXP2, which generally bring retiming elements and faster subcomponents into the advanced designs. Those will be listed separately in a CXP2 section.


Maximum Distance (m)

Part Number Data Sheet Form Factor Max Data Rate (Gbps) Maximum Distance (m) Connector Type Fiber Type Nominal Optical Wavelength (nm) Lifecycle
AFBR-83CDxxZ PDF CXP AOC 150 50 N/A Multimode 850 Active
AFBR-83EDxxZ PDF CXP AOC 100 100 N/A Multimode 850 Active
AFBR-83PDxxZ PDF CXP AOC 120 100 N/A Multimode 850 Active
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