Market segmentation allows solution providers to optimize product performance and value proposition for the specific needs of the task at hand. For instance, Enterprise markets with high performance, high reliability expectations and long product life cycles have different operation requirements than the Cloud Data Centers, which expect relatively short product life cycles, dramatic volume ramps and a tolerance for reduced reliability due to massive redundancy. Storage networks are similar in requirements to Enterprise, with very long product life cycles and very unique operating rates coming historically from disc drive capabilities. Telecommunications, another long life cycle market, has its own different set of operating rates and a very long link distance objective, ranging from 10km to 100’s km. While High Speed Interconnects tend towards very short, low latency link distances to enable high speed parallel processing for science and research. And Wireless Infrastructure has its own requirements for data rates, with very wide temperature requirements for supporting base stations and remote radio heads in harsh environmental conditions.

With all this diversity, FIT works to take a common pool of technology and offer targeted products and value to each market, ensuring application operational requirements are met in every circumstance.