Job Title: Principal Hardware Design Electrical Engineer (Project Lead)

Job Category: Full Time
Location: San Jose, CA

A Lead Electrical Engineering Hardware Design applicant will be expected to lead the product introduction transceiver design efforts and is responsible for producing transceivers for high volume manufacture with specific duties on each development project.


  • Lead the design of optical transceivers
  • Design and produce schematics for transceivers and provide physical layout consultation, including proper component selection, for transceiver development
  • Provide design guidelines and performance validation for Optical TOSA/ROSA
  • Provide design guidelines and performance validation for HSIO
  • Provide design guidelines and performance validation for EMI/ESD
  • Perform characterization and design for manufacturing validation on transceiver development
  • Support production transfer to NPI team



  • PhD with a minimum of five years relevant experience, or Master’s degree with a minimum of ten years relevant experience
  • Experience in designing and introducing optoelectronic products to high-volume manufacturing
  • Applicant must be able to demonstrate proficiency in the following:
    • Written and verbal communication skills
    • Experience in design of optical transceivers
    • Analog and Digital circuits for Fiber Optic Transceiver products application
    • Fiber Optics and optical device fundamentals
    • Qualification process for optical transceivers
    • EM simulation with design tools such as CST and/or HFSS