Job Title: Development Engineering, Manager #1

Job Category: Full Time
Location: San Jose, CA

Applicants will be expected to lead a focused engineering team in the development of fiber-optic transceivers and contribute to the engineering activities of the team.

Leadership responsibilities include:

  • Risk management and decisions
  • Technology decisions
  • Vendor decisions
  • Development time lines
  • Management and implementation of back-up plans


Team responsibilities include:

  • Design and architect optical transceivers
  • Design schematics for transceivers and provide physical layout consultation, including proper component selection, for transceiver development
  • Integrate design considerations from optical, mechanical, signal integrity, and firmware teams into the transceiver
  • Specify module behaviors in programming and mission modes
  • Perform characterization and design for manufacturing validation on transceiver development, including optical sub-assemblies and high-speed I/Os
  • Support production transfer to NPI team



  • MS or PhD
  • At least 10 years related industry experience and 5 years in a leadership role preferred
  • Applicant must be able to demonstrate proficiency in the following:
    • Written and verbal communication skills
    • Experience in design of optical transceivers
    • Analog and Digital circuits for Fiber Optic Transceiver products application
    • Fiber Optics and optical device fundamentals